Experiencing sleep disturbances can directly affect how a person functions daily which can an impact on all aspects of their life. Sleep disturbances means their sleep-wake cycle is affected involving quality, timing and the amount of sleep someone experiences. The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) have stated that between 33-45% of Australian adults have inadequate sleep.

Clinical trial to aid restless sleepers

Researchers at Southern Cross University are conducting a clinical trial to explore the effectiveness of a medicinal cannabis product to support sleep disturbances in a healthy adult population.

Information about the clinical trial

This trial involves participation in a randomised placebo-controlled clinical trial. This means there are two groups who receive different treatments which will be compared to each other to see which one is better. The study also involves a placebo, which has no therapeutic value, but is similar in look, taste and smell to the other treatment being tested.

The product that is being tested is a medicinal cannabis product, specifically cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is the compound found within the cannabis plant, that has no psychoactive properties (feeling high). Recent research has identified that CBD can have benefits in improving sleep disturbance symptoms and mood.

The trial will be conducted at 4 sites in Australia, located in Lismore, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Overall, we are aiming to include 438 people in the study.

Each participant will take the product for 2 weeks initially to determine the right dosage, and then for another 8 weeks to examine sleep quality, and well-being.

Who are we seeking?

We are seeking generally healthy individuals who are aged between 18 and 65 years, and have self-reported poor sleep. This includes people who may have difficulty falling or staying asleep, and/or are waking up earlier than desired.

Further information

For further information about the trial and the trial locations, please visit the Participant Information Sheet below. Please note that the Participant Information Sheet has not yet been updated with regards to the trial site in Sydney, the actual address is the one displayed in the survey below.

We invite you to complete the screening survey below, and provide your contact details. You can also contact our lead researcher below. The participant information sheet can be obtained by emailing ncnmtrials@scu.edu.au


Dr Janet Schloss Phd, PGC Clin Nut, AdvDip HS-Nat, Dip Nut, Dip HM, BARM

Principal Investigator

Phone: 0436 101 306 or 02 6626 9255

Email: ncnmtrials@scu.edu.au

Website: www.scu.edu.au/ncnm

This research has been approved by Southern Cross University Human Research Ethics Committee, SCU/HREC no. 2021/031.

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